Carole Peters has been active in the commercial art industry for most of her career. In the mid-70’s she rediscovered the art of pyrography. Pyrography artwork is created by using electric pens to burn or “scorch” a design on wood, leather, paper or gourds. While living on the North Shore of Lake Huron, she discovered an almost endless supply of white pine driftwood. Putting her skills to work, she burned wildlife images on carefully selected pieces of driftwood.

She takes great joy in finding just the right piece of wood for a scene or portrait she has in mind. A knothole positioned just right, an odd grain or some other irregularity in the wood will serve as the perfect highlight. In the last few years she has added colour and shallow relief carving to her wood burnings.

Her wildlife depictions are immortalized on the very wood that once provided a home for these great creatures. Although the white pine forest industry is virtually dead, Carole has found a way of memorializing the once mighty white pine with the inhabitants of the forest. Carole Peters has won acclaim at art and wood shows across Canada. Her pieces hang on living room walls throughout the world.

She has taught the art for several years through various institutions including the Red Deer College of the Arts, Michigan Woodcarvers Roundup and Lee Valley Tools. Wood carving clubs also engage her to teach their members to woodburn. From this website you can order some of her work. The pieces in the gallery will give you an idea of what she can do. She is happy to take commissions.